Mar 27, 2016


Dear friends, colleagues and students from Greece, Lithuania and Spain.

Working on holidays, I know but, it is the best time to think and recharge batteries. I have just finished the new page with new pictures and the final video about the second meeting in Dos Hermanas, last February. 

Please, Euripides, publish it. 

I hope you enjoy this page. Kisses and hugs from Dos Hermanas.

Marisa March

Mar 5, 2016

Greek team: The local press is talking about us!

It has been a while since the 2nd meeting in Dos Hermanas, and the memories of the members of our team that participated, are still alive. One week ago, the local newspapers and internet media, published articles about the meeting, along with some photos we send to them.
Even you may dont know Greek, you can ejoy our publicity! :-)