Project evaluation

For evaluation purposes, three online questionnaires where build. Each questionnaire was designed to depict the impact of the project in a different target group: Students, teachers and pupils parents.

The basic aim of the questionnaires was to estimate the impact of the project in various aspects.
The project was build from the beginning, with high expectations of impact to all project participants. The expected impact was
For the pupils:
  • will learn how to cooperate in order to develop a demanding project
  • will use their fantasy and creativity for the game scenario.
  • will improve their  language and ICT skills in collaborating through the project stages
  • will get familiar with the aspect of 3d game design.
For the teachers:
  • will improve their ICT and language skills
  •  Paedagogical competences will be reinforced.
  • will improve their professional skills through the experience of other European educational systems.
For parents
  • will improve their European awareness and active citizenship
  • will increase their involvement in school life 
Additional project characteristics:
-mobility can give students and teachers opportunities to get to know other new countries and various educational systems in the European Community they otherwise would never have.
-the relationships with students from other schools will improve the students’ self-esteem.
-expectations for students to get a better comprehension of other cultures in order to broaden their minds.
-to help the students to accept the general European values and to adapt them to their own system of values.

Questionnaires data analysis 

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