Why it is innovative?

Our project is innovative by
letting the students research their history in their effort to recreate the era their story takes place, to choose or create music, to write dialogs, to write the Game Code and  master many different fields needed for the Game Creation. They will have the joy of creating an interactive story everyone can live while playing the game and their results will be free everyone to  explore and discover for himself in a way close to his interests and hobbies instead of just having a student hear the same teaching in the classic way.
While playing Computer Games the methods we use are alike the method a researcher has. Many well known Scientists parallel scientific research with the effort a child spends during a Computer Game. All this try and error method is the same with a scientist’s attempt to verify his theory or hypothesis. If a child is motivated to use the same method he uses, trying to overcome the obstacles of a computer game, with careful examination and planning in his exercises he has a model of how to work
The list is enormous according to the teacher’s imagination.
Let’s not forget the self-explanatory constructive use of other Languages.
So as it seems with today’s Games every teacher has at his disposal a great “library” of ready and appealing events, places, experiments, persons etc.
 The innovative educational goals of this project are for the students:
To encourage many of our students who are not interested or not so good at school because the theoretic teaching was too difficult or not too exciting to them to join and enjoy the Game creation. 
 To those who were not familiar or opposed to Computer Games and Computers to find that there are many useful things to do with them.
To encourage them to search and learn issues about Physics, History, English or other Languages, Computer Programming, Internet, digital skills etc while they amuse themselves, fostering the provision and the assessment of key-competencies .
For some of our students to find that computer gaming is not only blast, frag and kill but a constructive experience if it’s done properly.
 To familiarize the students with the  fields related with the making of Computer Games and the related with it jobs.
To promote take-up of innovative practices, by supporting , collaborative learning and critical thinking, strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), open educational resources (OER), open and flexible learning and virtual mobility

Moreover our Computer Game is complementary to the “The Trial of Galileo” a game which was awarded with the first prize in   5th European Innovative Teachers Forum 2008 organized at Zagreb by Microsoft. and participated in the  Learning Game project in the framework of the Life Long Learning programme   Grundvig/Comenius  Programme 2.2  for Adult Education Staff of the European Union as you can see in http://www.learningame.org/.