Nov 3, 2015

Trip to Greece

To all of us the trip to Greece was the best thing that happened in the entire school year. On the way
to Lesvos we were wondering how will things go. We were nervous and wondered what it will be like living with our greek families. Since there were quite a few changes in transshipment when we arrived we were a little tired.

The first day of our greek lives started with a night in Athens. When dawn arrived we had the chance
to walk around and admire this beautiful city and even see the "Akropolis". In the evening we went on a flight to our final destination - the city of Mytilini. During which we were really nervous but the
moment we saw our greek friends we felt safe. Their families also welcomed us with big warm hugs.

We spent the first day in the school by doing sports activities and playing with other students, we also went to the government institution which was actually really interesting. We also met a lot of nice and friendly people.

 On the second day we went to the town of Sigri. There we saw very beautiful views that left a big
impression on us. We went on a boat and saw actual petrified trees.

On the third day we worked on the project, went to a university and talked with the specialists that
worked there.

The fourth day was also really interesting. We did some work on our video games and collaborated
with other students from the project. Later we went to Molyvos where we saw a few famous
landmarks which were rally breathtaking. In the evening we, the teachers and greek families went to
the farewell party where we had great fun.

On the last days morning our good friends from Spain left. But we lithuanians still had an entire day
to enjoy Greece, so we all spent it together. In the evening no matter how much we didn't want it but
we had to go to the airport. We really hope that that wasn't our last ride through the streets of that
beautiful city.

Saying goodbye to our friends and their families was very hard because they were like
brothers and sisters to us, our second families.

The trip back to Lithuania was also very tiring but it was most definitely worth it to spend time with
such wonderful people. If we had a chance to go back, we definitely would. This trip left us many
wonderful memories that we will remember for a long time.

Here is a video with some of the wonderful memories we had: