Sep 8, 2016

The last meeting of Erasmus+ project „3D H.E.R.O.E.S"

The last meeting of Erasmus+ project „3D H.E.R.O.E.S" took place in Alytus Putinu gymnasium, Lithuania. Teachers and pupils from 3rd General Lyceum of Mytilene, Greece, Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Virgen de Valme and Alytus Putinu gymnasium gathered to make some last changes and play the final version of the 3D game. The game is about heroes who are trying to solve problems. Students worked really hard, so they deserved to have some fun after all the work was done. Guests from Spain and Greece loved Vilniaus old town, they were interested in the Money museums educational program, they were amazed by Lithuania's nature, but the most exciting activity for both, students and teachers, was Druskininku Snow Arena, where we tried out skiing and snowboarding for the first time! We spent the last evening of the meeting in Tarzanija, where we made flower wreaths, danced and sang. We hope to meet again in projects like this one and we miss everyone of you!